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Lauren Taylor finds a terrific vehicle in Tarot Cards to take her heroine Elizabeth Jean "EJ" Johnson on a roller coaster ride to love and success in the first book of a soon to be series of books entitled It's All in the Cards.

In this first of a planned three book trilogy, Taylor introduces her main character, "EJ" and her sidekick Janet Davis, both well educated Texas women who seek each other's friendship and counsel in finding their way through life. Both women were  raised in the tawny communities of Memorial and River Oaks within the Houston Metropolitan area. Although "EJ" finds herself living and working in most recent years in the bible bastion of Tyler, Texas in deep East Texas Piney woods, not a region known to welcome other religious traditions let alone anything resembling the "black arts".

"EJ's" life takes off after visiting a tarot reader and when she decides that she can purchase a deck of cards for herself and do her own readings. Her lack of understanding of the various card meanings and  typical human phenomenon of reading into card meanings that may or may not support what is really going on in her life. "EJ's" desires are allowed to surface because, in her mind, the cards have told her to do these things.  Her failure to read the cards with a more objective eye and as a more experienced reader would do gets her into lots of trouble while her sidekick Janet 'freaks out'.